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Study tours to Belarus
Study tours to Belarus
Centre for International Relations
We love our country very much, that's why we will be happy to arrange for you a visit to Belarus to show the most interesting sights and tell the most fascinating facts about the life of our country.

In our programs we offer not only to get acquainted with the cultural traditions and history of our people, but also to spend time with benefits, having a visit to the educational institutions of your field.

Participation in our programs is, first of all:
- an excellent opportunity to make new acquaintances,
- exchange of experience with people working in the same field as you,
- participation in seminars where only topical issues for your sphere are discussed,
- the first step towards establishing friendly-partner and business relations,
- an interesting and informative cultural program.

At the moment we can offer you one of our four programs in Belarus:
Welcome to Belarus! (2 days)
Cultural traditions of the Belarusian people (2 days)
The main directions of the development of the education system of the Republic of Belarus (2 days)
Discover Belarus (4 days) *
We will also be happy to create and organize an individual program for you, according to your wishes and the main purpose of the trip.

For further information please contact us: +375 17 200 42 54, +375 17 200 82 49, e-mail: travel.edu@intcenter.by.

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