Higher Education Institutions
of the Republic of Belarus

Currently, there are 42 state and 8 private higher education institutions in the Republic of Belarus (32 universities, 10 academies, 8 institutes), and 2 higher religious education institutions.
There are 15 educational fields in Belarus. The first cycle of higher education system (Bachelor's degree) offers 382 specialties and the second one (Master's degree) provides 331, respectively.
Educational Fields:
  • Pedagogy
  • Pedagogy. Professional Education
  • Arts and Design
  • Liberal Arts
  • Communication. Law. Economics. Management. Business Administration
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Agriculture and Forestry. Gardening and Landscaping
  • Health
  • Social Protection
  • Physical Education. Tourism and Hospitality
  • Public Catering. Community Services
  • Security Services
You can find additional information about Belarusian education institutions here
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