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Excursion program
Minsk-Zalesye-Smorgon-Soly * -Kushlyany * -Gervyaty-Ostrovets-Krevo *

1 day

1 day

08:00 - Gathering of the group. Moving to Zalesye
Zalessky palace and park ensemble - the Oginsky estate * (additional area) - Michal Klefonas Oginsky is a musician and author of the world famous polonaise Farewell to the Motherland. The hospitable family of Michal Kleofas always welcomes guests to the estate. As well as several centuries ago, balls are held here, a battle theater holds its performances, novice poets read their poems.
Moving to Smorgon
Smorgon Church of St. Michael the Archangel (external inspection) - For 400 years of its existence, the building has managed to serve Calvinists, Catholics, Orthodox Christians and atheists. However, even today it has the glory of the former Calvin Collection. It combines austere simplicity and solidity, belligerence and rhythmic scenery.
Savior Transfiguration Church - Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which the townspeople often call the Transfiguration Church, is the architectural dominant of Smorgon. Built on a dais next to the picturesque Oksna River, it stands on the site of another Orthodox church that was destroyed during Soviet times.
Rock Garden - Natural stone miraculously conveys the different characters of abstract sculpture. For a month, a closed plein air of famous and novice sculptors took place in Smorgon. The result of their work was a real rock garden that adorned the streets of the city.

Memorial complex in memory of heroes and victims of the First World War - The memorial complex is located on the Memory Alley and consists of three sculptural compositions: "Refugees", "Soldiers of the First World War", "Winged genius of soldier's glory". Paths were laid on the territory of the memorial complex, a chapel was built, and a "Stone of Memory" was installed with a text message to the descendants.
Lunch at the Viliya cafe in Smorgon * (additional area)
Moving to Soly
Church of the Virgin Mary Ruzhantsova in Soly *
- The very impressive appearance of the church is certainly impressive. Asymmetrical and graceful, it is unlike any other temple. Graceful and elegant embodiment of the Art Nouveau style. Let's take a look inside - very non-trivial fresco scenes will not leave you indifferent.
Moving to Kushlyany
Moving to Gervyaty
16: 00 — concert + excursion Trinity Church in Gervyaty
- On one of the surviving islets of the Lithuanian population in Belarus, one of the tallest churches in the country amazes guests. The neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece resembles the temple of Notre Dame de Paris. The marvelous landscape emphasizes and complements its appearance. In the interiors of the sustained style, a 100-year-old organ sounds.
Moving to Ostrovets
Ostrovets Church of Cosmas and Domian
- It was here, in Ostrovets, in 1474 for the first time, on the territory of modern Belarus, that Dominican monks appeared. The Church of Cosmas and Domian was erected in a complex with the Dominican monastery. What path did the monks and the temple, which existed for 6 centuries, go? You will learn about this and much more on the excursion.

Picnic * / summing up the trip.
(optionally, meals at the expense of the customer)
Moving to Krevo *
(optional, subject to time availability) Castle under restoration
Kreva Castle (external inspection) You will have the opportunity to see the ruins that keep the history of great events. Time and wars destroyed the fortress almost to the ground. It was here, on the orders of his nephew Jagiello, that one of the princes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Keistut, was strangled. The Krevo Union was signed within the walls of the castle.

Departure to Minsk.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the programme and the procedure for visiting institutions, the organizers are not responsible for delays due to delays at the border and emergencies on the roads.
The cost of participation per person is:
40.00 Belarusian rubles (for a group of 40 people + 4)
45.00 Belarusian rubles (for a group of 35 people + 4)
Included in cost:
  • transport services;
  • services of a certified guide.
The price does not include:
  • Lunch in a cafe in Smorgon - 10 BYN entry tickets to the Oginskikh estate ≈5 rubles adult 3.50 children Belarusian rubles
  • entry tickets to the Bogushevich estate in Kushlyany-4 rubles +1 rubles guide = 5 rubles + excursion + organ music concert in the Trinity Church in Gervyaty -5 rubles per person for a group of 20 people (30 min)
  • other donation services in churches
For participation, please contact the "Centre for International Relations" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus at the address: 220004, office 12, building 12, Korolia street, Minsk

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