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«Glubokoe. Cherry festival»
Budslav– Glubokoe- Mosar

July 24, 2021

1 day

July 24
1 day

July 24
07:50 – Gathering the group.
8.00 – Depature form the "Student's village".
Arrival in Glubokoe, visiting the Cherry Festival
Every spring, Glubokoe is buried in white cherry blossoms, and in summer it pleases Glubokoe residents with an abundant harvest of red and juicy berries. There is nothing tastier than a deep cherry, this fact has been recognized for a long time! And therefore, it is no coincidence that the Cherry Festival takes place there, and Glubokoe is rightfully called the cherry capital.
Visiting the holiday "Cherry Pearl"
Solemn procession "Visiting Cherry"
The musical and theatrical procession of the participants and guests of the festival leaves an indelible impression after itself and you immediately want to join the parade march.
Exhibition-presentation of farmsteads "Vishnevy smak"
At the exhibition you can enjoy unforgettable tastes of different varieties of cherries and choose the most preferable one for you. You have never seen such a variety and abundance of cherries.
Solemn registration of marriage "Cherry Wedding" (in the park of newlyweds) You will be able to plunge into and feel the atmosphere of the holiday and become a part of it. "Cherry Wedding" is the most memorable event not only for newlyweds, but also for guests of the festival
Competition of accordionists, accordionists, accordionists "Cherry naigryshy" and gala concert of creative groups "Cherry April friendship"
You can plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday, hear the play of accordionists, bayan players and accordionists on the stage in the center of the city, in addition, watch a gala concert of creative groups from the Vitebsk region. We assure you that this will not leave you indifferent.
Cherry Pie Auction
You have never seen such a variety of cherry pies!
Everyone can find to their liking!
Each bakery in the city will present its pies to the guests of the festival.
Departure to Mosar
Visit to the Church of St. Anne
The Church of St. Anne in the village of Mosar is an architectural monument of the era of classicism. It was built in 1792 at the expense of the Polotsk kashtelian Robert Brzhostovsky and his wife Anna Plater. Throughout its existence, the church remained active, even in the Soviet years. In the temple, in the silver ark, today there are the relics of St. Justinian, transferred here in 1838. In the 19th century, on the day of commemoration of this saint, tens of thousands of believers from all over the area gathered in the church. The icons "The Crucifixion" and "Our Lady of Hodegetria" of the 18th century are of particular value. Along the perimeter of the temple, there are 14 high-relief panels from the late 18th - early 19th centuries. with stops on the Way of the Cross.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the programme and the procedure for visiting institutions, the organizers are not responsible for delays due to delays at the border and emergencies on the roads.
The cost of participation per person is:
60.00 Belarusian rubles (for a group of 18 people + 1)
Included in cost:
  • transport services;
  • services of a certified guide
The price does not include:
  • lunch ≈10 BYN donations in churches (provide skirts and scarves for visiting the church and church (optional)
For participation, please contact the "Centre for International Relations" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus at the address: 220004, office 12, building 12, Korolia street, Minsk

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