Cultural and educational program
educational map of belarus: godno region

Grodno, Augustow Canal, Lida
2 days

1 day
Minsk-Grodno 280 km

1 day
Minsk-Grodno 280 km

7:00 – Departure from Minsk. Transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
Arrival in Grodno.
11:00-13:00 – educational visit to the institution of higher education in Gomel.
Visit program:
meeting with representatives of the institution, acquaintance with innovative approaches of the educational process, history, work and functioning of the educational institution, lecture "Prospects of learning in an educational institution."
Lunch * (extra fee).
Guided cultural and educational program in the city * (extra fee).
A sightseeing tour of the city will introduce you to the famous architectural ensemble of the city - the Old and New Castle on a steep hill near the Neman River, Kalozhskaya Church (XII century) - one of the oldest churches in Eastern Europe. You will see the Farny Church of Francis Xavier - the cathedral of the Grodno diocese, an outstanding architectural monument of the 16th-17th centuries, in the past the richest church in the Commonwealth, built for the Jesuit order and much more.
Free time in the city / transfer to Korobchitsy * (extra fee).
Agritourism complex "Garadzenski maentak" Karobchytsy. In its own way, the unique agritourism complex "Garadzenski maentak" Karobchytsy "is located in a large open space among picturesque landscapes. And everything here keeps the best traditions of Belarusian culture. The traditions of architecture and cuisine are kept and passed on to the guests by the restaurant "Zevana's Castle". Lovers of the equestrian port and horses will love the equestrian club "Amadeus" and the opportunity to ride on horseback or in a carriage. During the carriage ride, you can watch the numerous animals of the zoo and the inhabitants of the protected forest. A walking tour with a guide will also allow you to learn the history of the complex and explore its most interesting places. And for souvenirs, be sure to look into the workshops of folk craftsmen - there are plenty of them here.
On request, it is also possible to visit the New and Old Castles *, the Gorodnitsa History Museum - the historical district of the city, the town planning monument of the second half of the 18th century *, the Maxim Bogdanovich Museum *, the House-Museum of the writer Eliza Ozheshko *, the Grodno Zoo *.

Hotel accommodation. Free time.
2 day
Grodno- Lida112 km
Lida- Minsk174 km

2 day
Grodno- Lida112 km
Lida- Minsk174 km

Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.
Departure to the Augustow Canal. Riding along the canal on a motor ship * (extrafee).
For reference *: The Augustow Canal is the first artificial waterway in Europe. It directly connects two large rivers - the Vistula and the Neman and at one time provided a connection with the Black Sea. 102.2 km. water surface, including 22 on the territory of Belarus, include numerous locks and drawbridges. This is not only one of the most ecologically clean places in Belarus, but also the standard of the plain in Central Europe.
Departure to Lida.
Sightseeing tour of the city of Lida or the Lida Castle. * (extra fee)
Departure to Minsk. Summing up the results of the program, awarding certificates.
Transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Arrival to Minsk.

The Centre for International Relations reserves the right to make changes to the program and the procedure for visiting institutions, the organizers are not responsible for delays due to emergencies on the roads. The Centre for International Relations is not responsible for the impossibility of visiting educational institutions in cases beyond the control of the Centre.
95.00 BYN for a group of 45 participants.
Included in cost:
  • travel by comfortable bus;
  • 1 night in a hotel in Grodno with breakfast;
  • accompaniment of the group by a representative of the Center.
The price does not include:
  • excursion service in Grodno, Lida;
  • entrance tickets to Korobchitsy - 15.5 BYN rub.;
  • lunches (approximately 10-12 BYN);
  • boat rides on the Augustow Canal - 15 BYN rub.,excursion to the Lida Castle - 10 BYN rub.;
  • visiting the New and Old castles in Grodno - 2.5 bel. rub. for students, the Gorodnitsa History Museum - 1.5 BYN. rub. for students, M. Bogdanovich Museum - 1.25 BYN. rub. for students, Eliza Ozheshko Museum - 1 BYN rub. for students;
  • zoo in Grodno - 6.5 BYN rub.;
  • excursion service on the Augustow Canal.
For participation, please contact the "Centre for International Relations" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus at the address: 220004, office 12, building 12, Korolia street, Minsk

Phone: +375 17 200 82 49, 200 42 54.

Fax: 200 50 19,



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