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Cultural and educational program

terms - on request
1 Day

1 Day

20.00-Departure from Minsk. Overnight transfer.
2 Day

2 Day

11.00-arrival in Izmailovo.
11.00-12.00-Excursion program "Russian farmstead" in the Izmailovo estate*(for an additional fee) is a trip to the Russian antiquity. The guests are greeted by a guide in Russian national dress and escorted to the central square. You will take a short tour of the historical events of Russia associated with the Izmailovo estate, you will see the history of a great country, the events of which are forever reflected in the unique architectural and historical appearance of the Kremlin in Izmailovo.
12.00-13.00-lunch at the cafe "Cat House" * (for an additional fee).
13.00-14.30-Culinary master class "Baking and painting of gingerbread" * (for an additional fee). You will get a piece of fragrant dough, from which you will make a figure for your gingerbread yourself. And then your billet will be sent to the oven to bake, and while the gingerbread cakes are baked, you can enjoy the Museum's exposition. Employees of the Museum of Bread will tell the amazing history of the gingerbread business, share the secrets of the production of gingerbread. After that, you can paint it with icing sugar! Different colors, drawings and inscriptions!
14.30-Departure to Moscow.
15.30 -16.30-Cultural and educational program in Moscow. During the tour, you will go by bus along the Garden Ring and Poklonnaya Gora, be sure to visit the Sparrow Hills, see the legendary Moscow skyscrapers and amazing bridges over the Moskva River. You will also see the spiritual center of the capital and the cathedral of the Orthodox Church-the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Then go on a walking tour and first of all visit the Red Square. The very heart of the capital, remembering the tread of tsars, revolutions, coups and legendary leaders who led the largest state in the world. The guide will tell the story of the construction of the walls and fortifications of the Kremlin, the mausoleum in which V. I. Lenin rests. You will learn more about the history of such Orthodox shrines as St. Basil's Cathedral and the Church of Our Lady of Kazan.
Accommodation in a hotel. Overnight stay.

3 Day

3 Day

Check-out from the hotel.

Cultural and educational program at the Mosfilm Museum.* (for an additional fee)
Grandiose in its size, the film studio is currently one of the largest in Europe. Whole cities were built here from decorations, so we will walk through the streets of Old Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are also many pavilions where Soviet and Russian films were shot, an apple orchard and a forest park.
This museum houses a wide variety of shooting equipment, such as a collection of retro cars that were produced back in 1913, old postal and royal carriages. You will be able to see with your own eyes the old Copenhagen, created from the scenery that was shot in the film by Eldar Ryazanov " Andersen. Life without love", see with your own eyes the props used in the legendary films "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson", "Beware of the Car" and many others.

Visit to the unique museum "House of the Giant".*(for an additional fee)the fee)
"House of the Giant": Here you can feel like a midget, because you will see huge furniture that you can not climb without help, dishes and other items that fit to use giants, but not ordinary people. Neither children nor adults will be bored here. Inside, you can take unique photos and selfies that most people don't have.
Visit to the park "Kidzania"* ( for an additional fee).
"Kidzania" is an incredibly realistic children's country, where a child can master many professions, develop their talents, gain practical skills and knowledge about the world around them. The country is a huge Park with an area of 10,000 sq. m.
Today, guests of Kidzania can try more than 100 exciting professions. Children fly their own aircraft, create television shows, put out fires, conduct research in the laboratory, perform secret missions and perform on the stage of the theater.

Cultural and educational program in the Tsaritsyno Nature Reserve.*(for an additional fee)
Tsaritsyno Nature Reserve: At the moment it is a state historical, architectural, art and landscape museum-reserve, which is also called the Moscow Versailles. The first buildings in this area date back to the 16th century. At first, the Tsaritsyn lands belonged to the Godunov family, then several times passed from one nobleman to another, until the beauty of the architecture drew the attention of Catherine the Great, who immediately bought the land.
Visiting a Shopping Center on the way out of Moscow.
Departure to Minsk
Overnight transfer.

4 Day

4 Day

Arrival in Minsk early in the morning.
The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the programme and the procedure for visiting institutions, the organizers are not responsible for delays due to delays at the border and emergencies on the roads.
235 BYN ($110 according to the National Bank of Belarus +2% as of 01.12.2019) With a group of 40 participants.
APPLICATIONS are accepted no later than 15 days before departure.

Included in cost:
  • Organization of the program
  • Support by the Center employee
  • Transport services
  • Hotel accommodation 1 night in Moscow with breakfast
  • Cultural and educational program with a guide in Moscow
The price does not include:
  • Tsaritsyno with an excursion to the Palace+Park-700 Russian rubles/person, 600 rubles./children under 16 years old
  • Ticket to the "House of the Giant" – 300 Russian rubles · Mosfilm Film Studio Museum — 550 Russian rubles/person, 450 Russian rubles. /children under 16
  • Visit to the park "Kidzania" - from 1190 Russian rubles per person (group of 10 people or more)
  • Lunches and dinners - from 360 Russian rubles
  • Excursion program "Russian farmstead" in the Izmailovo estate-children's group of more than 20 people - 400 Russian rubles per person, adults-450 Russian rubles per person
  • Culinary master class "Baking and painting of gingerbread" - 600 Russian rubles per person
  • Travel by public transport in Moscow
For participation, please contact the "Centre for International Relations" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus at the address: 220004, office 12, building 12, Korolia street, Minsk

Phone: +375 17 200 82 49, 200 42 54.

Fax: 200 50 19,



Contact person - Tatyana Papkovich.

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