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Cultural and educational program
Turov, Pripyatsky National Park (Lyaskovichi village)

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1 Day

1 Day

07.00-Departure from Minsk to Turov.
11.00-Arrival in Turov.
11.00-12.50-Tour of Turov:
Turov is the oldest city on the territory of the chronicled Dregovichi tribe, one of the most developed East Slavic tribes. In the" Tale of Bygone Years", Turov was first mentioned in 980, second only to Polotsk, known since 862. As part of the city tour, you will see the Castle Hill, the Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Lawrence, the Borisoglebsky Cemetery and the Turov Cross. According to local monks, the Turov miracle cross gradually comes out of the ground, radiating internal heat. In a few years, he "grew up" by 10 cm. Also, the residents themselves have repeatedly noted that it helps to heal from ailments.
13.00-14.30-Visit to the Turov dairy plant:
The dairy plant produces high-quality European cheeses from Belarusian raw materials. You will get acquainted with the secrets of this "delicious" production and see with your own eyes a modern high-tech enterprise.
Guests of the dairy plant will be able to visit the workshops for the production of cheeses of famous European varieties - "mozzarella", "scamorza", "provola", "mascarpone", "ricotta". In addition, you will see how the most refined cheese matures and taste it. You will be able to taste various types of products of the plant - delicious cheeses, the development of recipes and technologies of which was carried out with the involvement of Italian experts. After the tasting, you will have the opportunity to buy these cheeses in the company store.

15.30-Departure to the airport. Lyaskovichi.
16.30-Arrival in the National Park "Pripyatsky" (a.g. Lyaskovichi).
Cultural and educational program in the National Park "Pripyatsky":
The National Park "Pripyatsky" is a unique combination of natural, cultural and historical heritage. It is located in the center of the swampy Polessky lowland, which is sometimes called the" lungs " of Europe. This is the kingdom of the water surface, floodplain meadows, oak forests and forests, a real paradise for bird lovers.
Visit to the Nature Museum.
The Nature Museum shows the beauty of the Polessky landscapes and introduces the biological diversity of the National Park "Pripyatsky", increases the level of environmental knowledge and educates people to respect nature. As part of the tour, you will visit several museum halls: the hall of archeology, the hall of ethnography, the hall of history, the hall of nature, the hall of waterways and the hall of everyday life. In the museum you can also buy products of Belarusian masters made of flax, ceramics, straw, and vines.
Boat ride on the Pripyat River.

18.30-Departure to Minsk.
22.30-Arrival in Minsk.
The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the programme and the procedure for visiting institutions, the organizers are not responsible for delays due to delays at the border and emergencies on the roads.
The cost of the program for one participant is 85 BYN for a group of 40 people.

Included in cost:
  • Organization of a cultural and educational program
  • Transport service by comfortable bus
  • Cultural and educational program in Turov with a guide
  • Lunch
  • Cultural and educational program and entrance tickets to the Museum of Nature in the Pripyat National Park (a. g. Lyaskovichi)
  • Cultural and educational program and entrance tickets to the Turov dairy plant
  • Boat ride in Pripyat
The price does not include:
  • Souvenirs
  • Entrance ticket to the crypt of the temple in Turov (2 BYN)
For participation, please contact the "Centre for International Relations" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus at the address: 220004, office 12, building 12, Korolia street, Minsk

Phone: +375 17 200 82 49, 200 42 54.

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Contact person - Tatyana Papkovich.

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