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"Actual methods and modern educational space in educational institutions of Estonia and Finland" with a visit to the exhibition of education and training "EDUCA" in Helsinki (Finland)
In January, an educational program for general secondary education specialists took place in Estonia and Finland.
In the Tallinn Real Gymnasium, within the framework of the program, the participants had the opportunity to attend integrated lessons in mathematics and physics with the involvement of robotics, as well as a seminar on joint education of boys and girls in labor education lessons.

And during the presentation of the activities of Tallinn School No. 21, the participants were able to appreciate the possibilities of using information technologies in educational activities, as well as visit the robotics center operating at the school.
The educational visit to a Finnish primary school in Helsinki generated a lot of positive emotions among all program participants. The participants of the program were given the opportunity to visit certain elements of the lessons, as well as communicate with the students of the school.

A highlight of this program was a visit to the III Finnish-Russian Forum, as well as the educational exhibition Educa-2020 in Helsinki, the content of which gave an expanded understanding of the Finnish education system, which occupies a leading position in Europe in the framework of international studies PISA.

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